Main Street Gazebo

We are really excited to be working with the Rutland City’s Recreation and Parks Department to rehabilitate the historic Main Street Park Gazebo.

The gazebo has been a fixture of Main Street Park for many, many years. It is a centerpiece of the Route 4 & Route 7 crossroads and is used by many residents throughout the year. The Main Street Park hosts summer concerts, music festivals, art festivals, winter carnivals, community gatherings, and even Christmas tree sales. The gazebo also provides a beautiful spot to sit down for walkers and folks looking for a place to have lunch. It is a fixture in our community.
The gazebo needs a facelift. The dedicated staff has kept the structure safe over the years, but it needs significant repairs to serve the community for another 100 years.
The wood supporting the gazebo is beginning to deteriorate. And support columns that were in such bad shape had to be replaced with old telephone poles.

John Pedone, one of our amazing board members, has taken on the task of saving the gazebo. He is coordinating efforts with the Rutland City Parks Foundation, The Rutland Parks Department, The Vermont Preservation Trust, a local architect firm, NBF and other groups.
Our goal is to preserve the gazebo structure as much as possible while replacing deteriorated portions, improving the PA system and electrical, and making sure the structure is accessible to all visitors to the park.

If you have enjoyed listening to a concert in the park, have strolled the aisles of tents during Art In the Park or have just sat on the gazebo benches and watching the world go by, you know what a wonderful piece of Rutland the structure represents. Please help us in rebuilding and improving the Main Street Park Gazebo so that it may continue to provide for the needs of our city. If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact us at the email address below or donate through our PayPal link.

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